Do you like speaking to IT Recruiters?

We understand why!

Tech Recruitment by Tech Professionals
Tech Background

We hate the stereotype of the recruitment industry and were formed to make a difference. All of our candidates are fully screened by veteran IT professionals with at least 20 years of experience.


We don’t want our candidates to drop at the first hurdle. We offer interview tips & advice, CV improvements, guides on how to dress for modern tech roles as well as many more. We keep in contact with all of our candidates throughout the process and help them on their road to employment.


We recruit for tech clients who are aiming to change the world, we don’t want to slow them down. We keep the recruitment process simple without harassing them for updates or new business, we know that if we do a great job, they will use us again. We are here when they need us.


Whether you are a candidate or a client we hate it when people cold call and drive you crazy. It’s not what we’re in to and it’s behaviour that we do not condone. We enjoy what we do and try and make it as fun as possible.

About Us

Progress is impossible without change
Its time to turn tech recruitment on its head

After spending 20 years working & dealing with IT recruiters we decided it was time to do something a bit different. The tech industry has changed, yet the recruitment industry doesn’t seem to have moved on.

All of our candidates are registered and given a full technical interview before they’re sent on to you.

Unlike a lot of our competitors who bombard you with CV’s and useless spiel we aim to get you the right candidates, minimising the amount of time and hassle you have to endure.

We don’t cold call, we don’t harass and we don’t make false promises. If you are open to using an agency with a fresh new approach, get in touch.

  • Technical Interviews

    All our candidates are interviewed by technical people before being sent to you.

  • Matched

    We only send people through who are interested in your role & company.

  • Candidate care

    We keep in touch with our candidates, we don't leave them hanging.

  • Charity

    10% of our time and profits go to charity.

The Team

We think we're cool... we realise we're not
Keith works as a CIO for a major firm… as well as for us. With over 20 years tech experience he knows all too well the many frustrations of dealing with recruitment firms both as a candidate and a client. Fun Fact… Massive lover of Star Wars.
Nathan formed Tech Heads after realising he was different to other recruiters out there and wanted to do something about it. Sick and tired of working with disingenuous companies he wanted to offer something different to candidates and clients. Fun fact… he can bench press his entire body weight

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